PayPal – In order to guarantee security and transparency on online payments, Hz has chosen PayPal as its sole partner, leader in online transactions. PayPal allows anyone with an email address to securely send or receive online payments. Paypal works like a normal current account: after you have registered online and opened your account, you can perform various transactions. You can associate a credit card, prepaid card or bank account to your PayPal account for free. As soon as PayPal is chosen as the payment method, the user is linked to a secure page where their email and password are requested; at this point the amount is immediately deducted from the PayPal account. For more information on enabled circuits, visit

Credit card – We accept payments with all credit cards. If you choose to pay by credit card this will be processed by the PayPal gateway. For users who have just joined the programme, you may be asked for a security check using the 3D Secure protocol, the free protection system for your online purchases designed by the International Visa Circuits (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (SecureCode MasterCard) that allows you to prevent any misuse of the card and avoid unwanted charges. The operator and consumer involved in an Internet purchase cannot verify the real identity of the counterparty. This creates the possibility of seeing online fraud, where malicious people use papercards without knowing the legitimate holders (for example, from unpaid payment receipts). The new security protocols therefore provide that the consumer proves their identity by entering, upon payment conclusion, the security code that he receives via SMS on his mobile phone.

Receipt – For some Hz sites it will be possible to pay the order on delivery in cash. The limit for cash on delivery is €250.00.

Bank transfer – You can make payments by bank transfer in all currencies. The coordinates are communicated at the time of order and may vary depending on the billing country.

VAT – Product prices are always inclusive of VAT where applicable, except for those displayed by business customers, who will always see prices after taxes.

Payment problems – For problems related to unauthorised payments or errors of various kinds, you will have to contact Customer Service.

Print receipts and invoices – The customer will receive an email confirming the order and there will be a link to download the fiscal document related to the order. You can also access your tax records at any time within your personal space in the Orders section.