1. Introduction and Validity

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relations between the customers of the WWW.HZ-AREA.COM site and the Seecle company of ZF with offices in Via A. Moro 7/A, 30016 Jesolo (VE) – PI 04433730274 – REA VE -413,720. The General Terms and Conditions represent the basis for all deliveries and services, they are the only conditions that can be applied and they replace all others. The order confirmation will have acceptance value without reservation of the General Conditions of Contract. Please note that by accessing the website, customers undertake to comply with these Conditions.

2. Product information
The photographs in the offers are only examples of the goods for sale. All product and brand names are property of their respective manufacturers.

3. Prices, methods of payment and billing
The determining prices are those of the day of purchase. The sale prices indicated on the website are expressed in euros (€) and inclusive of VAT where required and do not include shipping costs as those are at the customer’s expense. You only pay in advance by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or finally cash on delivery, and only if indicated by the seller. Payment is to be paid within 10 days from the order date. Those who request an invoice must forward the data at the time of payment. In order to carry out regular invoicing, it is necessary that the consistency link between the “payer” (company account) and the bill holder at least exists. You cannot issue invoices to third parties who are unable to effectively demonstrate this administrative constraint (owner, partner, delegated employee).

4. Availability
Customer orders are met within the limits of the quantity of products available. The availabilities indicated on the site are indicative and do not in any case represent a contractual obligation. If the ordered product is no longer available from the Hz Area suppliers or the delivery is not possible due to strikes or force majeure, Hz Area reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the purchase contract and undertakes to immediately inform the customer so as to, as soon as possible, provide a refund of the amount paid.

5. Delivery methods
We can ship all over the world. The order will be delivered to the address indicated in the MANDATORY answer at CHECKOUT. The delivery is carried out on the ground floor only during weekdays, directly by the courier responsible and/or its agents. The times required for delivery shown on the site are indicative and the delivery time is not binding. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM cannot be held responsible or co-responsible for the consequences due to any delay in delivery or loss or damage to the order by the courier. In the event that the order has not been delivered on time, WWW.HZ-AREA.COM can, at the request of the customer, investigate the reason for this delay. During this period, it will not be possible to proceed with a refund or a new shipment of the order.

6. Right of withdrawal and refund
Product sales via the Internet are governed by the law D. Lgs. 185 of 22/05/1999 which regulates the subject of distance contracts, i.e. concluded outside commercial premises. This legislation establishes the right of withdrawal, or the consumer’s right to return the purchased product and obtain a refund for the expenses incurred. The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 30 calendar days of receipt of the goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to express the wish to withdraw in writing via email to and send the items for which you intend to exercise this right back to the sender, intact in their original packaging, accompanied by a letter with information on where the refund is to be paid. This right is reserved exclusively to natural persons (end consumers), as such it cannot be exercised by legal persons and by natural persons acting for purposes related to professional activity. Subject to prior notice and authorisation, all of this will be sent to the sender. The costs of returning the goods are totally charged to the customer, as required by the aforementioned legislation. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM will proceed to make the order transfer by crediting the cost of the goods within 30 days from the knowledge of the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The original shipping costs are never refunded.

The right of withdrawal is totally lost if the returned product is not intact, i.e.:

 –in the absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, tampering, etc.)

– in case of damage to the product for reasons other than transport, if reported

– in case of returns in packaging that is not the original or that is damaged.

7. Complaints, Warranties and post-sales service
Items are always covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In any case, safeguards of the law are also applied.

The warranty is valid for:

– detected original product defects (not transport)

– breakages and anomalies of the product as a result of normal use

– manufacturing defect that does not allow the use of the product for its fundamental purpose.

The following factors are not under warranty, but of another dispute: 

– the product does not match the contract agreement at all. 

– the product does not possess the essential characteristics described.

– the product does not conform to usual use and quality.

The warranty is not valid for:

– wear and tear defects 

– defects that were already disclosed to the customer at the time of purchase

– the customer’s fault (e.g. unsuitable use, incorrect maintenance, use of non-compliant peripherals and/or accessories, etc.) 

– damage caused by an external cause (fall, shock, lightning, wetting, etc.)

Before sending a defective item, you must contact the After Sales Service by email and have the return authorised. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM undertakes to indicate to the customer where and how to ship the goods for the assistance operations. In normal cases, the goods must be sent by courier to the sender. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM however reserves the ultimate right, by means of its own personnel or third parties authorised to do so, to see to the recovery, repair, or anything else necessary to restore the defective product to good condition. The customer is not entitled, without prior written authorisation, to provide the necessary repairs independently, which will definitively compromise the warranty’s value. If the item is cumbersome, it is necessary to communicate this via e-mail and WWW.HZ-AREA.COM will collect the goods through its courier, at the customer’s cost. Once the article has been sent, WWW.HZ-AREA.COM will undertake to check the product and if the subject of the complaint is confirmed, will send the replacement. If, on the contrary, after the check, the article proves to be defective, but the complaint is due to the incompetence or inability of the customer during assembly or use, the expenses for resending the item will be charged to the customer. Therefore, the customer is asked to check the goods carefully before starting the complaints procedure and in particular, to check if it is an item defect and not just an error in the use of the article (e.g. wrong installation). The internal complaints procedure may take a few days, as well as the time required for the replacement or restoration of the goods and WWW.HZ-AREA.COM in no case assumes any responsibility for delays due to the manufacturer or the person responsible for the warranty repair.

8. Disputes and responsibilities
These general conditions are governed by Italian laws. All disputes arising from the interpretation and/or execution of these general conditions will be submitted to the competent Court. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM cannot be held responsible in case of non-completion of the contract due to force majeure, disruption or total or partial strikes of public or private postal services and/or of the couriers used, floods, accidents and/or wars, or due to any catastrophe or natural disaster. The site likewise reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract, even without precise reason, providing only for the return of the sum already paid by the buyer, including that of shipping. Such a withdrawal cannot under any circumstances give rise to compensatory events of any kind. The website reserves the right to retain for itself any sums paid in advance-down payment, or otherwise defined “deposit” paid for the booking of items, if the customer withdraws from the purchase, or at the time of shipment is unable to honour the debt contracted or manifest speculative will, or by the indication of recipients other than those who placed the order and paid the price, without justified reason. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage, financial and/or economic losses and costs that could be caused by the purchase of any product on the site or in any way linked to the site. The latter cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, files, or general damage resulting from a failure to store data and also cannot be held responsible for the consequences resulting from improper use of products sold on the site. If it is absolutely impossible to use the products ordered, especially due to subjective incompatibility with the materials constituting the products, is not a reason for refund or compensation or liability of WWW.HZ-AREA.COM. Although the items sold on the site are also compatible with professional use, WWW.HZ-AREA.COM cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the professional use of the aforementioned articles. In cases where the responsibility of WWW.HZ-AREA.COM can be proven, it will always be limited to the order value.

9. Privacy Information
The information requested by WWW.HZ-AREA.COM to customers is essential for processing and validating orders, issuing invoices and guaranteeing contracts. WWW.HZ-AREA.COM is the only company that shall hold the personal data of its customers. Only WWW.HZ-AREA.COM is authorised to use customer personal data. Customers can send a request to WWW.HZ-AREA.COM at any time to check exactly what and how much personal data has been stored. For any doubts or inaccuracies noted in the previous text, please kindly report it to our e-mail address: